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Admission Arrangements

As a Church school we are our own Admissions Authority, however applications will still need to be made online through Pembrokeshire County Council.

School Transport Pass Application

General information about Voluntary Aided Schools can be obtained from The Diocesan Director of Education: The Reverend John Cecil Tel: 01646 692974

In the event of oversubscription, priority will be given to the admission of pupils in the following order:

  1. Any children identified on the Looked After Children (LAC) register and any children who were previously LAC.

  2. Children from the parishes of Jeffreyston, Cresselly, Lawrenny, Loveston, Yerbeston, Martletwy, Landshipping, Canaston and Broadmoor.

  3. Children with brothers or sisters, these being determined as foster, adopted or permanently living at the same address, who attend the school at the proposed admission.

  4. Children from families whose parents wish them to be educated in an Anglican Church School.

  5. Children from families of other Christian denominations whose parents wish their children to be educated in an Anglican Church School.

  6. In the event of a tie, places will be offered to pupils living nearest to the school, measured by the shortest distance from the nearest available school gate to a point where the pupil’s private dwelling meets the public highway.

Please see Admissions Policy for further details

Admissions Policy click here 

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