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Criw Cymraeg


Shwmae! Criw Cymraeg ydyn ni!

As Criw Cymraeg we support the whole school with their development of the Welsh language. We promote the use of Welsh within the classroom and also outside. We deliver and lead a weekly Welsh assembly for the whole school, where Welsh prayers and songs are shared and Siaradwr yr Wythnos rewards are given to pupils who have demonstrated high levels of skill, or indeed effort, in the Welsh language. During Gwasanaeth Cymraeg we also share 'Pos ye Wythnos' and promote 'Cwestiwn yr Wythnos.' As Criw Cymraeg, we also organise events such as ‘Diwrnod Shwmae’ and 'Wythnos Gymraeg' where we plan fun activities and competitions that encourage pupils and staff to speak more Welsh whilst also celebrating our country, our Welsh heritage and traditions.   

As Criw Cymraeg, we try to meet every four weeks to discuss upcoming events and to also suggest new ideas to further build upon what we are already doing. 

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