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School Council - Cyngor yr Ysgol

 St. Oswald’s takes great pride in its School Council, made up of pupils from every year group in school. Annual secret ballot elections for School Council members are held each September, with two members from each class being elected. Meetings are held every half term to discuss areas of concern and to voice pupil opinion. During Class Council meetings, School Council members discuss fund raising ideas and what charities to support throughout the year and any other topics for discussion. Also, the school Council reports to the Governing Body giving a comprehensive presentation at the full Governing Body meetings.

Criw Cymraeg

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The Criw Cymraeg supports the school in the delivery of a weekly Welsh assembly for Foundation Phase and KS2 pupils, where Welsh prayers and songs are shared and rewards are given to pupils who demonstrate high levels of skill, or indeed effort, in the Welsh language. They also organise events such as ‘Diwrnod Shwmae’ and fun activities and competitions that encourage pupils and staff to speak more Welsh during the day as well as sharing the ’Ymadrodd yr wythnos’ (Phrase of the week) with the pupils and families. Criw Cymraeg meet every half term.

Sports Ambassadors

Sports ambassadors help encourage other pupils to enjoy break and lunch times by engaging with various activities. They are offered support, training and resources by Sport Pembrokeshire and they lead other pupils with their positive attitude to health and wellbeing.  

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Junior Road Safety Officers

Junior road safety offices help ensure that our school car park is safe during busy periods. They work with Mr. Scale to provide advice to parents who are unsure about where they are able to park.


Eco representatives meet every half term to discuss initiatives for reducing our carbon footprint and improving our understanding of global warming. They have engaged with various projects and their work links closely with our Darwin science curriculum visits.

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