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Governors of St. Oswald’s V A School

Election of Parent Governors

Arrangements are made for the election of parent governors one school term before a parent governor’s term of office expires, or on receipt of a resignation.  Information about the election is sent to parents via pupil post.

Etholiad Rhiant-lywodraethwyr
Gwneir trefniadau ar gyfer ethol rhiant-lywodraethwyr un tymor cyn i gyfnod swydd rhiant-lywodraethwr ddod i ben, neu pan fydd rhiant-lywodraethwr yn ymddiswyddo. Anfonir gwybodaeth ynglŷn â’r etholiad drwy law’r disgyblion. 

Chairperson:          Mrs K. Jones

Diocesan:               Rev. John R Cecil

Local Authority:      Mr J. Williams

Community:           Mrs H. McLeod-Baikie


                             Mr S. Williams

                             Mrs E. Nicholas

                             Mrs J. Cole

                             Mrs E. Thomas

                             Mrs R. Wilson

                             Mr R. Patel


Parent:                   Mr J. Parkin

Teacher:                Mrs C. Rees 

Staff:                     Mrs J. Harts

Headteacher:          Mr M. Scale


If anyone would like to see our Governing Body minutes then this can be done by sending a request in writing to the Headteacher, Mr Scale.

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