Tropical Leaves
Tropical Leaves

Eco Club at St Oswald's School.

Here at St Oswald's school, we are passionate about all things eco! We have a dedicated team of pupils who help support the green ethos across the school. We are also very fortunate to have a team of fantastic parent volunteers who support us greatly! Below are some of the projects which eco-club have been working on recently: 

Views from our Eco-club members.

I think the most effective action our eco club has done is the whole school litter picks because it helps our environment and everyone can get involved. It’s fun and everyone can do their bit to help the animals, Wildlife and our beautiful world that we live in!

Eco Club member

Helping in a school we use our scrap paper as much as possible rather than using a new sheet we tried to make the most out of everything we have. we plant vegetables, fruits, trees and flowers.

Eco Club member

I joined the eco club because I really like helping the environment and just altogether being outside. Best thing I like about being in the eco club that I can make the school a better place by planting trees, planting Flowers and making sure the school is as sustainable as it can be.

Eco Club member

I joined the eco club last year because I really enjoy helping our environment and I really enjoy being in a club that helps the environment and our natural habitat our eco club is strong and has good members!

Eco Club member

Things you may want to try at home!

xmas cards.jpeg

Recycle your old Christmas cards!

It's that time of the year where lots of cards end up in landfills. Why not use them for arts & crafts or recycle them, where you can!

You could even use them to create your own cards for next year!


RSPB Bird watch- January

Go for a lovely, fresh walk and take a look at the birds.

See which ones you can spot and make a list of them and send it to RSPB. 

Use your voice!

If there is something you feel passionate about, let the Eco-club know and we can see if we can help you!