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Dear Parents/ Guardians,



After missing the majority of last year’s summer term, it is an absolute pleasure to have all pupils in school at the start of our busiest term in normal times. The weather has been fantastic so far and we have been able to use the full extent of our grounds to support learning and keep our bubble groups separated. It would be wise to start thinking about sun cream and a sun hat if you have not already.


This week is a designated outdoor learning week; pupils will be spending more time outside than usual working on curriculum topics as well as extra school projects. We are still determined to create a large pond behind the polytunnels and we are also at the planning stage of extending our bible gardens, creating an area of raised beds, which the eco team will maintain. Class 4 will begin digging away the turf and planting a boundary hedge this week. We will then construct the raised beds, fill the beds with soil and create paths between the beds for the pupils to navigate through. If anyone knows of a source of soil or pebbles for paths, please let us know! Also, we would like to use timber screws to attach the raised beds and Class 4 have calculated that we will need 240 2–3-inch sized screws. If anyone has any at home, they would be gratefully received!


School Success


We were recently awarded the Sustainable Schools Bronze award and encouraged to apply for the silver award without delay. We have also recently been acknowledged as a fair-trade school.


You may be aware that the International Coastal Rowing Championships are coming to Saundersfoot next year. The committee approached our school to lead a school project about the event, involving several local schools. It is looking likely to be a very special event, one which we hope will benefit our whole community.


Parents – Teacher meetings


Next week (beginning 26th April) we will be scheduling meetings for parents to discuss their child’s progress. If you did not receive the letter last week about the meetings, please contact the school to obtain one. The letter in question was to ascertain whether parents preferred a phone or Team’s meeting. Once we have received replies, we will contact you with the dates and times of the meetings.






Wednesday 23rd June


Future Dates


We are currently forming our plan for the rest of the term. There will be decisions made on sports days and school trips during the coming weeks.


End of Summer Term – Friday 16th July


Best wishes to you all.




M. Scale




Community Building Contact details

Please use the following numbers:

Playgroup: Mrs. S. Davies / Mrs. B. Palmer: 01646651530

There are places available for children wanting to attend the playgroup.

After School Club: Miss. F. Morton: 01646651530

Please inform the school of arrangements that are made regarding pupils who are expected to attend the ASC.


Friends of St. Oswald’s 2020-21

Chairperson: Mrs. D. James

Vice Chair: Mrs. R. Tuck

Secretary: Mrs. E. Beynon

Treasurer: Mrs. L. Jenkins can you support the school by using this site?

Face Book:


Dinner Money: Free School Meals: threshold is £16,190 pa. If you consider that you qualify please either access the application on line or speak to Mrs. Harts.

Prices from September 2020

Foundation Phase pupils (cl 1 pupils, yr1 & yr2):  £ 2.45 per meal.

Key Stage 2 pupils (yrs. 3,4,5 &6): £2.55 per meal.

Please can all payments be made by cheques payable to PCC with pupil’s name and class on the reverse.  All payments are to be made on Monday of each week. Direct debit payments can be made for pupils who have school meals on a daily basis. Forms are available from the school office.

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